Saturday, August 8, 2009

what's happened so far

as the new semester drags by, there is still that one question going round the school, "what is with gracie?"
who is gracie? but the girl who is with a different boy nearly every second day. The latest news is that she has lost her dignity for good now. yes, after a few drinks she was upstairs with a boy that didn't seem to be the guy she was supposedly going out with. a few weeks later she is worried about a little thing that could be growing larger and larger everyday.

The innocent nancy who was really not cool at the start of the year has been officially dumped by gracie. after nancy was used for alcohol and cigarettes for over four months, gracie moved onto her next target to lean on. not everyone likes you as much as you think, who really enjoys sitting with you for an hour 5 days a week just listening to made up stories? no one. prepare yourself tanzi, looks like you are in line next.

Tanzi - this girl is a very big push-over. she will do anything for anyone, but never complains. most people use her for bad, not good. She should think where she is going before she gets kicked out of the school for doing things she hasn't done.

The girl who everyone leans on for answers and advice is still looking for that one boy. but is he closer than she thinks? after been found in a bathroom with a boy 4 years older, zara needs to get her rep back up. beeing seen out with andrew, this one could be it. or has he already been tainted by somebody else?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

we are open for business

hey all you melbournian's out there. this is the first hello to you all from this blog. if one person knows most of the stuff going on here, it's me. follow me and my friends through a journey of love, lust, lies and fighting like nearly every group has. but this group has it all....the drunk, the nice one, the leg-spreader, the fall back girl, the funny one and the rest. of course, we will not use real names or the school they go to. everything is mostly confidential...unless the people figure out who they are. stay tuned every week for new updates and stories of your soon to be favourtie blog.

get used to it, i'm here to stay. X